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"We are all artists... painting our realities with our thoughts.."

- Rebecca Borja

My Background

Ever since I was young, music, art and crystals have always been passions of mine. At birth, my father commented on my long "piano" fingers, not knowing someday I would play jazz festivals around the nation. My piano fingers would go on to win various high school awards including first place in the Maine State Jazz Festival for both large ensemble and small combo; "Best Rhythm Section Musician" Award for my district in the State of Maine; "Judges Choice Award" at Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA; and first place in a National Jazz Competition held in Orlando, FL to name a few. When I sit down to play, there is a natural flow between what I'm hearing and what I'm playing. It is like tapping into the universal energy of creation and becoming an instrument for this energy to flow; and sometimes this energy flows for hours. The freedom of letting go and releasing creative energy through my hands is like meditation. In that moment, I am completely at free.. connected to divine creative energy, using sound as a form of expression.. defining emotions that are otherwise undefinable until that moment. This is just one slice of my heaven.

Art: I've always been mesmerized by color. I couldn't wait to spend the weekend at my grandmother's house because she had the big pack of crayons. This pack contained the gold and silver colors. They were my favorite! I was also obsessed with the colors of the rainbow. As a young child, a rainbow appeared in almost all of my drawings. I began painting very young, spending hours experimenting with brush strokes and colors. I started painting landscapes using oil paint as a medium. Then as a teenager, I ventured into the abstract world, using various mediums such as acrylic paint, charcoal, chalk pastels and ink, to name a few. I then switched back to oil painting in my late 30's and still dabble with different mediums such as acrylic paint, resin, alcohol ink, etc. Being a self-taught painter, the best way I've learned is through experimentation. As the great Bob Ross taught us,"there are no mistakes, only happy accidents". I find that "mistakes" often lead to great accomplishments. As with music, when I'm in the creative flow, I find painting to be highly intuitive.

Crystals: I started collecting unique rocks as a young child. My grandmother would take me for a walk behind my parent's house to go rock hunting. I'll never forget when she showed me "fool's gold". Fool or not, I was hooked! I found an "Egyptian rock", as I described to my parents. It displayed strange markings, which evidently I saw as hieroglyphic writing. My parents explained to me that it was a fossil rock and I was completely blown away! As an adult, I enjoy attending gem and mineral shows, as well as rock-hunting adventures for collecting my own minerals. 

My rock and crystal collection has grown drastically over the years. Learning the healing characteristics of many different crystals and minerals is an ongoing process, and I find to be very intuitive. In 2017, I became a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. I actively use crystals in my everyday life and in Reiki sessions. I find they help increase the intensity and effectiveness of healing and energy transmission.

"My visions of color and ear for music have always dominated my world. Tones emitting from the piano are like colors being spread on canvas, in the midst of creating a beautiful masterpiece. Like painting with sound."

- Rebecca Borja

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